• PRIMARY WEAPONS: none (except bolt-action weapons with silencers and any shotgun)
  • ATTACHMENTS: grenade launchers and shotgun attachment
  • SECONDARY WEAPONS: (MW1 and WaW): pistols and bolt-action silence if overkill
  • SECONDARY WEAPONS (MW2): anything except machine pistols
  • PERK1: (MW1 and WaW): no rocket launchers only
  • PERK1: (MW2): anything except the ONE MAN ARMY
  • PERK2: anything
  • PERK3: anything
  • EQUIPMENT(MW2): any
  • KILLSTREAK(MW2): anything except harriers, helicopters, and AC-130 (unless brought by care package)
  • KILLSTREAKS(MW1 and WaW): no 7th killstreak
  • RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: at least 5+
  • KNIFES: go ahead


  • GAME MODE: Free for All
  • LIVE RESPAWN: 2-5 to make things fair
  • SCORE LIMIT: unlimited
  • SPECTATE: free
  • TIME LIMIT: unlimited
  • THIRD PERSON (MW2): optional


  • The reason for this game is based on the movie,The Condemned ; where one player must be alive and must kill the rest. So basically winner lives and loser dies for the rest of the match.
  • I know guns aren't that much important in the movie, but I added them in the game to make things a bit more fun.
  • Reason primary weapons are not allowed is because it is "overpower" to the game. Secondary weapons in MW1 and WaW are pistols unless overkill is used.
  • Bolt-Action with silencers are good since it doesn't kill faster than automatic guns and shotguns are one-hit kill but it has short range so it could be used in the game.
  • Barrett .50 Cal could be used too, but has to be hip-fire since it is semi-automatic and acts like the Desert Eagle online, inaccurate after rapid shots.
  • Reason for free for all is the same like the movie, but you could partner up if wanting too.
  • If using intervention, no hardscoping unless across the map far.
  • will think of other notes later on
  • Prize for winning... anything you have. Its your choice for the price, I just made this idea
  • Not sure how this will work with Cod3 and below, the DS versions, and Black Ops

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