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H3R0 September 7, 2010 User blog:H3R0

LOW LEVEL GOOD CLASS: Primary: Ump45 /w Silencer 75 kills Secondary: Spas-12 /w grip 150 or 75 kills (im not sure) Perks: Scavenger Level 13 Cold-Blooded level 25 or Stopping Power Level 4 Ninja Level 29.

High Level 70: Primary: AK-47 /w Silencer 75 kills Secondary: Model 1887 Akimbo 10 kills Perks: Scavenger level 13 or One Man Army level 45 Note: One Man Army takes away your secondary but allows you to use stuff over and over again instead of finding ressuplies. Stopping Power Level 4 Ninja level 29

Thank You

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