future idea for video made by wikEdit

the vid would be made as soon as i get live and when we have enough people on the 360 side to do it. it would be called robot chicken call of duty modern warfare 3 or call of duty black ops 2 which ever the group decides. also it would allow us to show our feelings towards things we have seen while playing cod. the actors would be any call of duty wiki member that has an 360 and if the pc and ps3 people want to do there own thats okay to. this is an idea i have had for a while and think will bring the wiki together as a group for a purely fun and entertaining time together. also it would be the begining of call of duty"s newest clan cod wiki users.l think many of the users on the wiki will agree this is a good idea and will hopefully jump on board this project. i thank all those who will help me with this and i apreciate yellowlucario for letting me post this idea on his wiki as well thanks to the people who run the cod wiki for letting me be a user on this wiki.


its about an alternate storyline involving the cast of red vs blue fighting in a war that involves many other video game characters during the course of the story and many crossovers of games mixing w other games and youtube series A.K.A. ones like the forgotten spartans series cause i really like it that much and the nazi zombies characters in an story i wrote qnd family guy story to. also i have written a story that has the red vs blue guys being cloned and there clones going through an alternate version of how the rvb war started in episode 1. also i have done an terminator like story where the reds and blues have had kids and they fight an enemy known as the helghast from killzone and are struggling to stay alive. also during the course of my fan fiction the guys from rvb get prommotted allot more during the storyline besides sister and junior and donut and tex eventually becomes the leader of the UNSC.

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