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Hax 217 June 16, 2010 User blog:Hax 217

As it is near the end of my elementary school year, graduation will be coming soon. So my parents decided to get me a gift. A had two weeks to decide, and there was no price range. I was told to make a list of the top three things I wanted. However, after one week of thinking, I wasn't sure what I wanted. So I decided to turn to the Call of Duty Wiki community to help me decide. What do think I should get?

Things I Don't WantEdit

  • Xbox 360 - meh.
  • TV - Have one
  • A CoD game - I either have it, don't want it, can't play it, or I'm going to get it
  • Money -
  • Stupid and/or Non-Practical Things - Cars, more gifts, you get the point
  • Airsoft - I'm not fan of weaponry in real life, fake or real

Things Not to PostEdit

  • The fact that I'm still in elementary school - I'm 13 okay?
  • Complaints about my age
  • Why I'm still in school - My school ends on the 29th of this month
  • Why 13 years olds are playing CoD - Why can't they?

Things I would wantEdit

  • Something useful/practical
  • I might consider getting a PS3
  • Maybe something video game related?
  • Something "cool"

Possible GiftsEdit

  • PS3
  • Laptop
  • Gaming Chair

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