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  • Heatedpete

    Here's my (original) storyline for modern warfare 3, along with guns and stuff. Please comment on what you think is good about it and what you would change. Part 2 to come soon!

    Soap, Price and Nikolai are attempting to get out of Afghanistan and clear their names, looking for intel on shephard's dealings. Meanwhile, an international taskforce (ITF) is preparing to retake the East coast of america, in particular New York. Finally, Foley, Dunn and Ramirez are preparing to defend the white house until the international task force arrives.

    Level One is a tutorial mission, which carries on from Endgame in MW2. The player (soap) starts in Nikolai's little bird, flying across Afghanistan. suddenly, a sniper starts firing upon them, and Nikolai is …

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  • Heatedpete

    What would be the pack-a-Punch upgrade for guns off Modern Warfare & MW2? Im talking stuff like the Barracuda (MG42) and the Gutshot (trench gun) but for guns like the ACR and UMP

    please list your ideas below, and please do NOT repeat guns that have been liseted in the 'guns so far' section already. I would like as many guns as possible from MW1 and MW2.

    Example: Upgraded M16A4, named 'The VietKiller' 45 round magazine with 5 round bursts, and increased range

    Masada 762- ACR w/ 50 round magazine, upgraded damage (due to 7.62 ammo), less portability

    VietKiller (see example)

    Cobra CMag- Automatic Fal w/ Beta C-Mag. 100 round magazine, high recoil, high damage (due to 7.62mm ammo), low fire rate

    Flesh Wounder- SCAR w/ 40 round magazine, higher rate…

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  • Heatedpete

    i'd like to know what is the most hated/disliked gun in the whole of the cod series so far.

    mine is the MP-40/UMP-45, as both have too little recoil and too much damage for their little 9mm/.45 ACP Bullet in the teeny-weeny magazine.

    please say which is you least favourite gun, and most of all.....WHY!!!

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