What would be the pack-a-Punch upgrade for guns off Modern Warfare & MW2? Im talking stuff like the Barracuda (MG42) and the Gutshot (trench gun) but for guns like the ACR and UMP

please list your ideas below, and please do NOT repeat guns that have been liseted in the 'guns so far' section already. I would like as many guns as possible from MW1 and MW2.

Example: Upgraded M16A4, named 'The VietKiller' 45 round magazine with 5 round bursts, and increased range

Guns so far:

Masada 762- ACR w/ 50 round magazine, upgraded damage (due to 7.62 ammo), less portability

VietKiller (see example)

Cobra CMag- Automatic Fal w/ Beta C-Mag. 100 round magazine, high recoil, high damage (due to 7.62mm ammo), low fire rate

Flesh Wounder- SCAR w/ 40 round magazine, higher rate of fire, less accuracy, higher recoil

Lightning Hawk- Desert Eagle w/ 12 round magazine, less recoil, less damage, faster reset

Universal Militant Pounder- UMP .45 w/ 25 round magazine, same damage (for bullet), more accuracy, longer effective range, small amount of splash damage

Destroyer 745- Intervention w/ 8 round magazine, faster reload, higher damage multiplier for limbs

Assassin XXX- M21 EBR w/ FMJ rounds, 30 round magazine, less damage, slower reloading

Big Beastly- Javelin with faster lock time, faster flight time, and fires two rockets in a row

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