Here's my (original) storyline for modern warfare 3, along with guns and stuff. Please comment on what you think is good about it and what you would change. Part 2 to come soon!

Single Player


Soap, Price and Nikolai are attempting to get out of Afghanistan and clear their names, looking for intel on shephard's dealings. Meanwhile, an international taskforce (ITF) is preparing to retake the East coast of america, in particular New York. Finally, Foley, Dunn and Ramirez are preparing to defend the white house until the international task force arrives.

Level One

Level One is a tutorial mission, which carries on from Endgame in MW2. The player (soap) starts in Nikolai's little bird, flying across Afghanistan. suddenly, a sniper starts firing upon them, and Nikolai is forced to land the helo (short for helicopter). Price makes sure that Soap can still walk, and do other basic functions (e.g. knife, crawl, jump etc.), and hands him the knife (still fresh with Shepherd's blood. The three then proceed to find a new vehicle to take them out of Afghanistan. They come across a set of US Marines, who are looking at photos of Price and Soap. Soap is told to take out the first 2 marines, before price shoots the last 2 with Shepherd's magnum. The three then take their guns, and proceed to infiltrate a nearby marine base, and find a couple of TF141 soldiers (Worm and a random named soldier) in a cell. Soap breaks the lock, and the team then proceeds to find a C-130 heading for Kabul. The team stow away onboard, and wait for the plane to land. ME

Level 2

In New York, a British Soldier named Pvt Thompson is preparing to lead the ITF's attack on New York. While driving along with his squad in a Scimitar IFV convoy, the brits come under attack from numerous russian positions. after brushing off small arms fire, the british squad disembark and start flanking the russian positions. once they are in position, the team take out several russian positions, and proceed to move further into NY. However, the russians detonate a large amount of explosives, blocking their path, and open up with several MGs. the brit squad start returning fire, and thompson is told to man a mortar and take out the enemy MGs, while the rest of his squad cover a Titan bridge layer as it deploys it's bridge. Once the bridge is complete, the squad mount up in a Scimitar, and Thompson mans the GPMG. ME

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