There an easter egg on Kowloon similar to the Ray Gun easter egg.

Here Proof :

And here are the steps to obtain it :

  1. . After the Interrogation scene ends there is 6 canisters to the front of the player, have the player throw 2 grenades to the back left and right white canisters.
  1. shoot the remaining 4 canisters on your left and right until you see the smoke come out.
  1. Run behind and make a left to desk.
  1. If done correctly the player will see a Black tape sticking out of a cassette player.
  1. Hold down the "X"(X360) or if on PS3 the "Square" button and the tape will dissappear from the cassette player.
  1. Go upstairs and clear the room by killing all the enemies.
  1. When at the rooftop jump to the next floor.
  1. When Weaver and Clarke open the fridge with the weapons room enter.
  1. Look at the left and notice there is a cassette player.
  1. When at the cassette player press the use button and notice the cassatte go in.
  1. If done correctly notice the tape goes in and makes a weird sound and the game shakes.
  1. a gun will appear out of the wall and TADA! a Thundergun will appear.

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