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    August 17, 2010 by HighOnBamboo

    A while ago I did some equations for the Vector to help determine if it needs stopping power and such. A lot of people found it helpful and I'm bored so I figured I would do the same thing for another gun. Is there a recommendation/suggestion you guys have?

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  • HighOnBamboo

    Vector Statistics

    August 11, 2010 by HighOnBamboo

    So I've been loving the Vector but haven't been too sure on whether or not it needs Stopping Power. Some people were saying yes, some said no. So I did the math and want to know if it's right and want your guys opinion

    --With Stopping Power--

    All shots to the chest

    [25-20] x 140% x 1 = [35-28]

    4 Shots minimum

    All shots to the head

    [25-20] x 140% x 1.4 = [49-39]

    3 shots minimum, possibly 2 if already damaged

    --Without Stopping Power--

    All shots to the chest

    [25-20] x 100% x 1 = [25-20]

    5 shots minimum, 4 if CQC

    All shots to the head

    [25-20] x 100% x 1.4 = [35-28]

    4 shots minimum, 3 shots to head but low chance in CQC

    Now that Damage per Bullet is determined:

    RPM - 1000

    16.6 Bullets per Second

    1 bullet in rougly .065 seconds













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  • HighOnBamboo

    I've always had a thing for the Juggernauts in MW2 and tried to make a class very similar to one.

    M240/MG4 w/ Grip

    USP.45 or Thumper

    Blast Shield

    Flash Grenades

    Sleight of Hand

    Stopping Power



    Does anyone have a better suggestion?

    (Sorry kind of noob, first post on here)

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