So I've been loving the Vector but haven't been too sure on whether or not it needs Stopping Power. Some people were saying yes, some said no. So I did the math and want to know if it's right and want your guys opinion

--With Stopping Power--

All shots to the chest

[25-20] x 140% x 1 = [35-28]

4 Shots minimum

All shots to the head

[25-20] x 140% x 1.4 = [49-39]

3 shots minimum, possibly 2 if already damaged

--Without Stopping Power--

All shots to the chest

[25-20] x 100% x 1 = [25-20]

5 shots minimum, 4 if CQC

All shots to the head

[25-20] x 100% x 1.4 = [35-28]

4 shots minimum, 3 shots to head but low chance in CQC

Now that Damage per Bullet is determined:

RPM - 1000

16.6 Bullets per Second

1 bullet in rougly .065 seconds













So assuming all shots are hit:

With Stopping Power

[.19 - .25 seconds]

Without Stopping Power

[.25 - .32 seconds][Possibly .19]


With the Vectors near dead on ADS accuracy and a rather tight hip-fire even without Steady Aim, hitting the enemy that many times shouldn't be a problem. So is Stopping Power really necessary? Should possibly saving .065 seconds with Stopping Power be a worthy replacement than another perk like Cold Blooded or Hardline?

And if you found this helpful, I wouldn't mind doing the same thing for other guns, just let me know which

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