• HigherPrim8

    Post what you want below. Heres my wishlist.


    Juggernog: Take 5 hits before getting downed.

    Pro version: When sprinting, zombies will fly out of the way. Obtained by taking 12 hits from zombies while using juggernog.

    Speed Cola: Reload faster.

    Pro version: Prime grenades, including Gersch devices and other grenades faster. Obtained by reloading while in close proximity to zombies 10 times.

    PhD Flopper: Drop a mini-nuke when diving off an elevated area.

    Pro version: Increased blast radius and damage of all explosions. Obtained by picking up 10 nuke power ups.

    Quick Revive: Revive players faster.

    Pro version: Revive players as fast as in multiplayer. Obtained by reviving the same player 3 times.

    If a player dies after getting downed, any pro per…

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  • HigherPrim8

    98% of the time I try to find a game, I wait for around 3 minutes, I find players we all press ready, and then the game goes to host migration and kicks me out saying "game lobby closed" after ten seconds. And even when I do get into a game, it's most likely going to be a one of those games where we get to wave 10 and I end up being the last one standing because I was the only one who bought juggernog. Then the host throws a fit since he's doing crap and ends the game.

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  • HigherPrim8

    Post if you have more suggestions for the list


    1. M16

    2. M40A3


    1. MP40

    2. Thompson

    3. Ppsh-41


    1. Intervention

    2. SPAS-12

    3. Silenced TAR-21

    4. ACR

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  • HigherPrim8

    So I was reading the MW2 credits and near the end, there were two sections called "PRODUCTION BABIES" that show the names of babies and their mothers. WTF do babies have to do with CoD?

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  • HigherPrim8

    Every time I am close to one of my killstreaks there ALWAYS has to be a noob tuber, RPG and AT4 whore, counter sniper, flashbang spammer, knife monkey, and everything else that can stop me. One time on sub base, I got to about 23 kills, then this little SHIT with stinger shoots down both my harriers and ac-130 (chopper gunners are way too easy to shoot down). Then he proceeds to run past my claymore as if it werent there and knifes me. I'm most likely going to go back to my Predator missle, Harriers, and AC-130 as my killstreaks as I am just not lucky enough to get a tactical nuke while people like SandyRavage make it look SO DAMN EASY

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