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Future Zombies maps wishlist

Post what you want below. Heres my wishlist.


Juggernog: Take 5 hits before getting downed.

Pro version: When sprinting, zombies will fly out of the way. Obtained by taking 12 hits from zombies while using juggernog.

Speed Cola: Reload faster.

Pro version: Prime grenades, including Gersch devices and other grenades faster. Obtained by reloading while in close proximity to zombies 10 times.

PhD Flopper: Drop a mini-nuke when diving off an elevated area.

Pro version: Increased blast radius and damage of all explosions. Obtained by picking up 10 nuke power ups.

Quick Revive: Revive players faster.

Pro version: Revive players as fast as in multiplayer. Obtained by reviving the same player 3 times.

If a player dies after getting downed, any pro perks will be saved, but they will be downgraded to their regular versions.

I also think the Grim Reaper would make a good weapon in zombies.

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