• Hihibob

    Yeah, the modern Call of Duty games have been great and all, but I think IW should rap it up by the US kicking Russian butt, and then returning to the before- year 2000 games.

    Black Ops was fun, but it's storyline made no sense unless you went over it multiple times. Freshen the story, the Vietnam-era will make a great game.

    A Korean War one would be fun. :)

    The WWII CoDs were my fav by far. Though the graphics were worse than these modern CoDs (due to time differences in technology), they were in every way better. And there are so many theatres CoD hasn't used yet! Like:

    • Italy.
    • Burma.
    • New Guinea.
    • US in North Africa.
    • Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Sewden).
    • Greece.
    • Southern France (against Vichy France).

    Say so if you agree.

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