• Holl4nder

    Cod4 Again What is Sniping

    February 10, 2011 by Holl4nder

    Ever since Black Ops came out I've been veering away more and more from sniping. But when I downloaded Cod 4 ( I lost my previous copy when Black Ops came out) and picked that M40A3 back up, I remembered how much fun Sniping was. Then I started thinking what actually is a snipers role?

    Treyarch tried to make it that snipers are camping hardscopers who pick people off from across the map.

    1. They trie to get rid of quick scoping - by changing the zoom in offset.
    2. They created non sniper friendly maps - short lanes and lots of corners.
    3. They got rid of Faster ADS on Slight of Hand - Slight of Hand pro is not only harder to get in this game but the pro version gives you faster ADS time just not on snipers.
    4. This last one might just be me but - Sniper ri…

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