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Custom Classes

Hoten96 December 1, 2009 User blog:Hoten96

Here is just my custom classes. Tell me if they're any good.

Also, is it true that you get an extra custom class every time you prestige?

1.I SEE YOU: WEAPONS: M4A1 w/ Heartbeat Sensor and Silencer M1014 w/ Red Dot Sight and Silencer

EQUIPMENT: Semtex Stun x2

Perks: Bling Pro Coldblooded Pro Ninja Pro

2.ARTILLERY: WEAPONS: SCAR-H w/ Grenade Launcher RPG-7 or Javelin

EQUIPMENT:: Frag Grenade Stun x2

PERKS: Scavenger Pro Danger Close Steady Aim Pro

3.WHITE HOT: WEAPONS: M21 EBR w/ Thermal Desert Eagle w/ FMJ

EQUIPMENT: Claymore Stun x2

PERKS: Sleight of Hand Pro Stopping Power Pro Steady Aim Pro

4.STREAKER: WEAPONS: SCAR-H w/ Holographic Desert Eagle

EQUIPMENT: Frag Grenade Stun x2

PERKS: Sleight of Hand Pro Hardline Pro Steady Aim Pro

5.KNIFED!: WEAPONS: Vector w/ Red Dot Sight .44 Magnum w/ Tactical Knife

EQUIPMENT: Throwing Knife Stun x2

PERKS: Marathon Pro Lightweight Pro Commando Pro

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