• Hunter2-6

    I found this weird glitch in call of the dead we some how trapped Romero in the starting area next to the mystery box and we killed him, as in he did his kneeling animation but when he got up he was frozen in place just holding his hammer and laughing nothing did anyhting to him we knifed him and shot him with the scavenger but nothing changed so i dont know if this is supposed to happen because we already killed him 3 times before... So leave a comment if somthing similar happend to you or if you know what this is. (this happend on PS3)

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  • Hunter2-6

    Single player

    1. Shitty too long campaign

    2. The meaningless Numbers

    3. The dumbest AI ever

    4. Two birds one stone achievement

    5. Swift: the stupidest 3 minute character ever

    6. Bowman = SSgt. Griggs (two black characters voiced by rappers)

    7. Reznov Being alive but Dead

    8. Brits as bad guys

    9. Woods shouldn’t have died it didn’t do shit to the story

    10. Nova Gas really…really


    11. Over-powered Guns (AK74, Commando, etc…)

    12. Over-powered perks( Ghost, Flak Jacket)

    13. Fucking stupid perks (Ninja, Tactical Mask, Scout, lightweight)

    14. Nuketown

    15. No decent Sniper rifles

    16. The ASP

    17. Insane hit boxes

    18. All the emblems of sex and nudity

    19. Rapid fire + AK74+ Grip= ever…

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  • Hunter2-6

    1. Pick your weapon

    Choose your weapon the best SMG’s are: the MP5k, the Kiparis, and the MPL

    (The Ak74u isn’t counted because the weapon isn’t a SMG and it’s not a legit Weapon in any aspect in Black ops)

    2. Pick your perks

    The best perks: are Steady aim, Marathon, lightweight, Flak jacket, and sleight of hands.

    3. Stealth isn’t always a priority

    A silencer isn’t really important for an SMG in most game types, mainly use it just for Search and Destroy

    4. Large magazines are a must

    This is true for most SMG’s because in most game types there is almost always more than one person in a group.

    5. Run and Gun

    Best idea for a SMG and because it works for SMG’s because they are close range weapons

    6. Pick your special g…

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  • Hunter2-6

    Sniper tips

    February 6, 2011 by Hunter2-6

    1. Pick you Rifle

    Semi or Bolt I doesn’t matter; a one shot kill is all that does.

    2. Pick your spot

    This unfortunly is also called camping due to certain abusers but sniping has different principles

    3. Body shots

    Body shots are a sniping must headshots get the glory but are much more difficult to obtain (also the lack of camo gained but headshots, makes them unimportant

    4. Variable zoom doesn’t matter

    The maps of call of duty have horrible lines of sight making it an unneeded attachment

    5. Claymores

    This is self-explanatory protect your back.

    6. Pick your secondary

    Pistols work very well but I prefer a Crossbow due to its long range

    7. Quick scoping is a joke

    Snipers you need to realize sniping is looking down…

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  • Hunter2-6

    what is the point of a 15th prestige to anyone i mean is a title worth the large chunk of your life i went to a full tenth in MW2 and im just want to hear other peoples opinion if that a gold camo, clan tag coloration and a new title is worth 15 days of play time

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