30 reasons to hate mw21 is the what i hate the most down to the least at 30

( i know some of these may be same as the last 30 but this one was made by bunters friend) 1. Nube Tubes( gernade launchers)

2. Spawn trappers(although i am one:)

3. Commado!!!

4. How long stun and flash bangs last for

4. Horrible host connection(lag)

6. Teammates

7. Guns that are way better than the rest(Acr Ump you just cant beat em

8. Hacks

9. When you kil yourself by shooting too many teammates in you chopper gunner in hardcore.

10. How easy it is too destroy a chopper Gunner

11. People who randomly turn around

12. People with Jesus eyes and know were you are at 24/7

13. Hardcore campers

14. How stopping powers is such a bigger advantage

15. HeartBeat sensores( yeah like this is alien)

16. Lack of good Secondaries

17/. Random grenades

18. Not having overkill

19. People who use Stopping power and FMJ

20. Hard to use A silenced gun with cold -blooded

21. loser who actually do quickscope you

22. Dying first by cross map nube tube in search and destroy

23. Spawn delay in sabotage

24. Moded Controlers

25. Theres nothing cool like zombies

26. Failed Host migration

27. Death streaks

28. Being able to see killcams( i wanna have a gametype like hardcore except i want a minimap and not have friendly fire on )

29. Join into a losing game

30. How hard it is to get a nuke these days because if all of the previous things


Infinite ward, better try next time. i hope Black ops is the shit and murks all over mw2.

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