Reasons MW2 Sucks

1. noob tubes

2. Danger close

3. Danger close pro

4. AA-12 (really u suck that much to need an automatic shotgun)

5. 10th prestige hackers

6. RPG sucide bombers

7. The Fucking UMP.45 (best gun in the game and u get it from level one)

8. UMP try hards (marathon,light weight campers)

9. Boosters

10. The Fucking spawn system

11. Spawn campers

12. Blast shield

13. Nuke Boosters

14. tac knifers

15. Spas-12 range vs ranger range (wtf spased across the fucking map is so realistic)

16. tac inserts

17. commando (Really this is realistic i can lunge 50 ft to stab someone)

18. commando pro (please jump off a ten story buliding and not die)

19. heatbeat sensors(baby monitor)=pussy

20. random gernades

21. quick scoping arcoss the map

22. aim bots

23. FAL mods (use an automatic gun bastard)

24. M21 spraying (its a one shot kill asshole)

25. spas range

26. 1887's (really the worst shotgun is last to get. weak, no range anymore, slow as hell to reload)

27. pre game trash talkers( shut the fuck up and prove it)

29. 5 year olds with mics

30. campers

Post if you have any

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