1. Pick you Rifle

Semi or Bolt I doesn’t matter; a one shot kill is all that does.

2. Pick your spot

This unfortunly is also called camping due to certain abusers but sniping has different principles

3. Body shots

Body shots are a sniping must headshots get the glory but are much more difficult to obtain (also the lack of camo gained but headshots, makes them unimportant

4. Variable zoom doesn’t matter

The maps of call of duty have horrible lines of sight making it an unneeded attachment

5. Claymores

This is self-explanatory protect your back.

6. Pick your secondary

Pistols work very well but I prefer a Crossbow due to its long range

7. Quick scoping is a joke

Snipers you need to realize sniping is looking down the scope, only quick scope if you are just goofing off

8. Team player

If you are sniping use team friendly killstreaks such as recon planes, Blackbirds, SAMs, Napalm, or Sentry guns

9. Perks to use

Best perks are Ghost, Scout, and Sleight of hands, Ninja, Hacker and Scavenger.

10. Picking the right camo

This is the easiest way to get noticed like for example: Tiger in a map such as jungle

Black and orange sticks out in a Green, Brown map

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