1. Pick your weapon

Choose your weapon the best SMG’s are: the MP5k, the Kiparis, and the MPL

(The Ak74u isn’t counted because the weapon isn’t a SMG and it’s not a legit Weapon in any aspect in Black ops)

2. Pick your perks

The best perks: are Steady aim, Marathon, lightweight, Flak jacket, and sleight of hands.

3. Stealth isn’t always a priority

A silencer isn’t really important for an SMG in most game types, mainly use it just for Search and Destroy

4. Large magazines are a must

This is true for most SMG’s because in most game types there is almost always more than one person in a group.

5. Run and Gun

Best idea for a SMG and because it works for SMG’s because they are close range weapons

6. Pick your special grenades

Flash-bangs and concussion grenades work the best because they allow you to catch anyone in a room or a camper by surprise

7. Avoid long range firefights

A SMG by definition is a close range weapon and their range and recoil makes them fairly ineffective

8. Don’t camp

Don’t be a fag. Only weapon you can “camp” with is a sniper rifle and then and only then it’s not camping

9. Dual wielding

This is only for small maps like Nuketown and if you dual wield be prepared to use a perk like scavenger because you will waste a ton of ammo

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