Single player

1. Shitty too long campaign

2. The meaningless Numbers

3. The dumbest AI ever

4. Two birds one stone achievement

5. Swift: the stupidest 3 minute character ever

6. Bowman = SSgt. Griggs (two black characters voiced by rappers)

7. Reznov Being alive but Dead

8. Brits as bad guys

9. Woods shouldn’t have died it didn’t do shit to the story

10. Nova Gas really…really


11. Over-powered Guns (AK74, Commando, etc…)

12. Over-powered perks( Ghost, Flak Jacket)

13. Fucking stupid perks (Ninja, Tactical Mask, Scout, lightweight)

14. Nuketown

15. No decent Sniper rifles

16. The ASP

17. Insane hit boxes

18. All the emblems of sex and nudity

19. Rapid fire + AK74+ Grip= every fag’s main weapon

20. “Classified” Weapons


21. Gas zombies

22. Zombies in the pentagon?

23. Bowie Knife = Sickle

24. Lack of M60

25. Thunder gun instead of wunderwaffe

26. Winter’s howl= Ray gun(bullshit)

27. No good hiding spots in any new maps

28. Upgraded guns run out of ammo too fucking fast

29. Random reticles? Why?

30. “Five” pentagon thief (Where the fuck is he from?)

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