okay guys so im hunter2-6's friend, we play together a lot on psn, i know mw2 is pretty trashy with all the glitchs and hacks comando ect but one thing i think is that this game really needs more sniper riilfes, only four!!!!????!!?. and the m21 and wa2000 arent even worth it so its prety much barrett or intervention. we need more bolt actions! m40a3 best call of duty sniper so far. i prefer abolt action with a clip quicker cock time(thats what she said) and little or mediumish recoil. i heard they were bring back the dragonov for black ops though i dont care cause its trash. okay bloggers go! give me your two cents about anything we talked about here. oh and treyarch if your reading this keep pack a punch putin the ammomatic and make zombies easier so maybe i can make it pass round 33.

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