• Hutman50

    Zombie Perks Ideas

    June 18, 2011 by Hutman50

    Hunter-Nog Is A Perk That Me & My Cousin Came Up With.


    Does: Gives You 3 Perk-a-Cola Bottles Replacing Any Special Grenades You Have, Once Used The Player Will Drink The Perk Like A Normal One Would Be Drank, And Then After The Animation Is Played All Zombies Ignore You For 15 Seconds,Gives You Max Ammo And The Pack-a-Punch Machine Is Only 2500(For 15 Seconds Of Course). When You Get Downed And Revived, One Of Your Perks Will Be Chosen At Random, And You Will Get That Perk At No Cost... If You Die, And Get Respawned, The Cheapest Perk Will Be Obtained When Respawned (Excluding Hunter-Nog.) If it Is A Tie, One WIll Be Chosen Randomly Out Of The Ones Who are Tied

    This Perk Is Purple And Tastes Like Grape Soda, And The 3 Extra "Special…

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