Hi. My name is Janni, I'm 14 and I make OG gamertags. What's OG mean? Well it means Original Gamertags, I make like 5 a day. And put microsoft points on them. So it's costly, I know, but I have a job, I lie to my job everyone at my job think I'm 19 which an obvious lie, but lets talk more about gamertags, I am selling all these gamertags for 10 dollars. I put a 3 month card and 1600 microsotf poins on them which is a total of about 40 dollars but 10 dollars is a deal, to me, at least. So lets stop wasting time and get with the gamertags I'm currently selling!

1. Noen

2. whos Singing

3. Kid Protrait

4. Users

5. Facebook User

6. why Done

7. Iron

8. Open Door

9. Diamonds

10. Baby Blanket

These are ten of 50 gamertags I have, I sold the forty I didn't show, so yeah. And the one worded gamertags are 25$

And two worded are 10$. So either give me A 3 month card on Xbox 360 OR give me a 1600 microsoft point card.

Any questions? Please inbox e on Facebook. XKonz Richtofen and Call me +1661-900-4528.

My names Kyle Janni Wells and I make gamertags for others to have and enjoy.

So please call me if you have any questions, or an offer, thanks and good gaming!

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