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    Reflection of Black Ops

    October 25, 2011 by Im Goldy G

    Hello once again Wiki.

    Now that Mw3 willbe here sooner than ever, I want to take a moment to ask the community how you all felt about Black Ops. What did you all like,and dislike about this game?

    • I personally liked the emblem customization. It was amazing to see great artistry, but I hated seeing innapropriate images..
    • Wager Matches! I loved going into wager matches and competing against others in a free-for-all in a different fashion. Whiteboy7thst's high roller lives were funny as heck!
    • Extended stats. It was neat to see a huge combat record on almost everything in multiplayer.
    • Zombies :D!! Zombies was amazing. Syndicate getting to round 105 on Kino was just orgasmic!!!

    • No Mw2 quickscoping.. :( I guessed they kinda patched it to make qsing eas…

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  • Im Goldy G

    Now that the most anticipated game ever will be showing up in our disc trays in 2 weeks, how do you all feel about quick scoping in MW3? I personally can't wait for it, because I have just got back into quick scoping with my rusty intervention (got fall camo sunday)

    , and my beauty of a beast M40a3. I wonder how different the quick scoping will be or if it will be the same. How do you all feel about it?

    Im Goldy G 03:02, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

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