• Imrlybord7

    A pretty simple guide to being amazing at Call of Duty

    My weekly and monthly score per minutes on the Black Ops Hardcore Search and Destroy leaderboard typically ranged from 650 to 780 during peak popularity (meaning probably more scrubs, lulz).

    1. Be the guy who moves a shitload. Being the best is about doing the most work over the shortest time, and sitting on your ass will usually not accomplish that. A very important bonus is that you’ll become much more experienced with the game’s possible scenarios by constantly throwing yourself into the fray. What the fuck are you afraid of? It’s a video game.
    2. Call of Duty is about how you play corners. No, bitch, not a corner you sit in, a corner you strafe around. Get used to gently turning at every sin…
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  • Imrlybord7

    Weapon stats ahoy!

    November 5, 2010 by Imrlybord7

    Unfortunately the fastfiles are AES encrypted so we will have to wait until mod tools come out for full damage stats, but here is a topic with tons of info. Enjoy!

    UPDATE: The guide lied about AR damages (big surprise /sarcasm). Here is a thread which the tester will continue to update. He is testing with full, half, and 30 health and headshots, assuming that the multiplier is 1.4x. I would call his information EXTREMELY reliable.

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  • Imrlybord7

    Responding to a complaint about the overpoweredness of Ghost Pro, David had this to say. "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Changes on some even past the beta." Hopefully Ghost Pro, Ninja Pro, and Second Chance Pro are getting toned down. In any case, it just means that we shouldn't assume that the current list is 100% accurate.

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  • Imrlybord7

    Instead of waiting for Black Ops to fix the mistakes of MW2, I'm taking things into my own hands. Hopefully this has more success than Griever's attempt at a scenario league.

    I only play on XBL, but obviously you are free to do something similar on PC or PS3 if you so desire.

    Anywho, the rules will be exactly like typical Hardcore Search but with no friendly fire of any kind, 50 health instead of 30, and the banning of certain weapons, attachments, perks, etc. If you disagree with what I ban, don't sign yourself up or make your argument in a civil manner. Simple as that.

    Riot Shield

    M93 Raffica








    Grenade Launcher


    Heartbeat Sensor

    Thermal scopes are only allowed on sniper rifles and the FAL


    One Man Ar…

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  • Imrlybord7

    Things should, for the most part, be written as if the game were already out.

    CORRECT: Weapon X appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    INCORRECT: Weapon X is set/scheduled (lol @ scheduled) to appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    Thank you.

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