This will be my first post in a series on how I would have balanced MW2. Sure, it's kind of pointless, but I just want to have this appear somewhere, and of course discussion is always fun. If I say that I would remove something and do not provide an explanation or alternative, it means I just find it stupid and feel that it doesn't fit in with the game. Today's post will just cover Perks and Attachments.

Perk 1

Marathon: No changes.

Pro: Switched with Lightweight Pro, which halves the delay between when the player stops sprinting and when they can start shooting.

Sleight of Hand: No changes.

Pro: Reload while sprinting.

Scavenger: Removed from the game. Instead, players start with four reserve magazines as opposed to the current two, and ammo sharing now occurs between all guns of the same type regardless of attachment.

Bling: Removed from the game. Instead, both primary and secondary weapons will always have two attachment slots.

One Man Army: Changed to Overkill. Pro: Camo on secondary weapon (this would be very easy to unlock, maybe 10 or 15 kills).

Perk 2

Stopping Power: Removed from the game.

Lightweight: Brought back up from x1.07 to original x1.1 speed.

Pro: Switched with Marathon Pro, which makes climbing faster.

Hardline: Removed from the game.

Cold-Blooded: No changes.

Pro: No changes.

Danger Close: No changes.

Pro: Changed to increasing starting amount of each explosive in inventory by one.

Perk 3

Commando: Range reduced to 85% of original.

Pro: Reduces fall damage by half instead of eliminating it.

Steady Aim: No changes.

Pro: No changes.

Scrambler: Removed from the game.

Ninja: Replaced with Ninja Pro which makes footsteps silent.

Ninja Pro:

SitRep: No changes.

SitRep Pro: Current effects (louder enemies + quiet self and teammates) + brings Ninja users to almost normal volume.

Last Stand: Removed from the game.

Death Streaks: Removed from the game.


Grenade Launcher: Slight increase in kill radius, slight decrease in accuracy by giving it a hip spread of 0.75 (for reference, SMGs starting hip spread is 2).

Rapid Fire: Removed from the game.

Akimbo: Removed from the game.

Heartbeat Sensor: Removed from the game.

Shotgun: Slight increase in damage and slight decrease in range.

RDS: No changes.

Holographic Sight: No changes.

Silencer: Renamed "Suppressor," no gameplay changes.

ACOG: Slight reduction in recoil increase.

Thermal Scope: Only allowed on sniper rifles.

FMJ: Renamed to "Armor Piercing Rounds," sparks and sound effects removed.

Extended Mags: No longer reduces number of starting magazines.

Grip: No changes, but it would be nice if character models actually held the damn things.

Tactical Knife: No longer an attachment, instead, all handguns come with it (keep in mind that I would remove Akimbo).

Well, that's it for now.

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