I was going to get around to it eventually, but on Cod4's request I suppose I can get off my ass and do this. Today's post will be about Equipment and Killstreak Rewards. Weapons will be in part 3, which will be very long and in-depth.

First lets talk about Killstreak Rewards. I will not list the Killstreak Rewards that I would not change.

Tactical Nuke: Removed from the game. Although I love using this Killstreak Reward and have no issue with it being used against me, I hate what it does to players. Now, of my 3 nukes, there was only one where I camped a decent amount, but even for that one I found myself flanking the entire team every time I changed sniper spots. But when a bunch of people are going for nukes, it changes the game too much. People camp and bitch out instead of just playing the damn game.

EMP: Removed from the game. If I put it low enough that people actually used it, it would become too common and possibly even slightly overpowered.

Chopper Gunner: Changed to 15 killstreak reward, but with the benefit of automatically destroying all other active choppers as it enters the game. Players with high killstreaks shouldn't have to wait for all of the helis and Pave Lows to leave the map to call this in.

Stealth Bomber: Changed to 7 killstreak reward.

Pave Low: Changed to 8 killstreak reward.

Emergency Airdrop: Changed to 9 killstreak reward.

Attack Helicopter: Changed to 5 killstreak reward.

Harrier Strike: Changed to 9 killstreak reward.

That's it for killstreaks. Now for equipment.

Frags: Moderate increase in kill radius.

Semtex: Moderate reduction in kill radius.

Throwing Knife: Changed to Ballistic Knife, a knife that is shot out of a handle. It would take slightly longer to fire than the throwing knife takes to throw, but it would also have a flatter trajectory. The blade can still be picked up, and reloading would occur automatically to make sure it isn't underpowered. It would still be separate from the melee knife.

Tactical Insertion: Removed from the game. This is not balanced as a piece of equipment (or for that matter, as part of a customizable class). It is currently underpowered due to how long it takes to light and how bright it is, but if those were fixed it would be overpowered, and if too many people used it the spawning would get even stupider.

Blast Shield: No changes.

Claymore: No changes.

C4: No changes.

Equipment is one of the things I am least sure about in terms of balancing, so if you have any suggestions, let's hear 'em! And of course, discuss whatever you want that's relevant to the blog post.

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