A pretty simple guide to being amazing at Call of Duty

My weekly and monthly score per minutes on the Black Ops Hardcore Search and Destroy leaderboard typically ranged from 650 to 780 during peak popularity (meaning probably more scrubs, lulz).

  1. Be the guy who moves a shitload. Being the best is about doing the most work over the shortest time, and sitting on your ass will usually not accomplish that. A very important bonus is that you’ll become much more experienced with the game’s possible scenarios by constantly throwing yourself into the fray. What the fuck are you afraid of? It’s a video game.
  2. Call of Duty is about how you play corners. No, bitch, not a corner you sit in, a corner you strafe around. Get used to gently turning at every single corner you are maneuvering close to so that your perspective rotates perfectly around the corner. If you play on consoles, you will know that you have perfected this skill when you can trick your brain into thinking that your aim assist is stuck on an enemy by choosing a point in front of you and rotating around it. The number one preventable death in Call of Duty is an improperly played corner. Apply this to windows, doors, and whatever else might be in front of you. And don’t sprint around corners if there’s any possibility of an enemy being there. It will make you die a lot more and kill a lot less.
  3. You’re going to have to have amazing reflexes and constantly pay a lot of attention. The second a target is on your screen you should be responding to the allure of more kills/points. Notice all possible indications of enemy presence and try to do everything. Make jump shots, sprint-jump and spray around corners, go balls to the wall in every firefight. And remember to look where you’re going at all times unless you are responding to a target.
  4. Make sure that your custom classes are perfect. There is a best perk combination, weapon setup, and equipment loadout for you to do what you are trying to do. Unless you are unbelievably good, trying to look cool will just lose you kills. Experiment, and then set minimum parameters for your class (I want to be at least this mobile, I want to be at least that hard to detect, I need a magazine at least that big, I need to ADS at least this quickly) using the information on, and look through if you want to know everything about Call of Duty. Hail to the Den.
  5. Know the maps. This is best accomplished by moving a lot. Make sure to try every route and know how people play every spot. Use your imagination. Combining these two pieces of information you can even come up with small back and forth patrols that allow you total control of a small area without any teammate support. This is especially useful in objective games, and is usually far better than camping a single spot if you want to lock shit down
  6. Use the minimap. Direct intel on enemies is only part of the story. By seeing where your teammates are moving, facing, shooting, or dying you can accurately infer enemy positions.
  7. Use Flashbangs. They allow you to play much more aggressively and can usually turn a risky rush into easy kills if used properly.
  8. You should probably be using an assault rifle, maybe an SMG. Probably, maybe.
  9. If there’s an objective, farm it for kills. But also take the objective and win. Winning and having a high score per minute are my goals. If you’re playing Search, plant the fucking bomb. If time is running out and shit has to be done on an objective in order for you to win, get it done.

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