I'm just relaying the message he sent me, as he asked me to.

"Alright users, this is MerchantofDeath, public enemy #1.

I know I have done a lot of wrong to the CoD wiki, like,

  1. Dissing the Marine Corps...
  2. Calling people names and not apologizing for it...
  3. Being too forceful with my ideas...
  4. Threatening to start my own separate wiki...
  5. ...and then actually doing it...
  6. And much, much, more.

But look, we all make mistakes. I have been acting like a douche, but we all have at some point, whether it was in real life or on the Internet. I, unfortunately, took it over the line, and for that I am truly sorry. I was more offended than I should have been and took it WAY too personally. It happens. I hope you can forgive my actions, and if not, I'm just glad you read my apology."

He really does regret what he did, so let's not get out the torches and pitchforks just yet, alright?

And now that I have your attention, there is an announcement that I want to make that will be a bit painful.

THE BLOGGING HASN'T DIED DOWN AT ALL. Congratulating E. TALE on his edits and solving riddles should not be completely filling up the recent changes log (but seriously, congrats E. TALE). I don't want to have to put tighter restrictions on blogging, but I will be forced to if this keeps up.

And yes, I am aware that what I am doing at this very moment is blogging, but it's a bit more constructive than the above examples.

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