• InZanE Trickz

    Infected Strategy!

    February 21, 2012 by InZanE Trickz

    I have played Infected for a while now and I have some tips I want to share with you.

    When you have 10-17 surviors stay in a group of at least 3!

    When you have 1-5 survivors stay as far away as possible from other survivors as they can be a threat to give up your current hiding place.

    When infected place a Tactial Insterton near your enemies and kepp respawning until they are dead.

    When Infected form groups to trap people!

    Let other players pass you if you encounter any as a survior!

    In Arakeden, stay away from the action! (BURGER TOWN)

    Don't get cornered when a juggernaut.

    Don't run into multiple enemies!

    That is all the tips I have for now got anymore I missed comment below!

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