One night in the out skirts of a town named Greenville, California. When Bravo team received a distress call from alpha team. S.P.F.G.V. was sent in to look for survivors of the alpha team helicopter crash. What they were about to experience, would change their lives....Forever.
Bravo team’s helicopter landed in the out skirts when it landed, Greg and his team jumped out. Field expert Marcus Alicie steps out. Greg tells everyone to split up. When they split up, Marcus sees something in the dark. He moves closer to see what it is. He discovers the crash and finds the dead pilot, Louis. Marcus ran from the helicopter and was attacked by 2 undead dogs. Marcus, when attacked, dropped his 9mm pistol, he was defenseless. Greg hears the cries from Marcus and runs over to assist him. Greg finds him and shoots them off of Marcus with his revolver. Greg asks “Are you all right Marcus?” marcus replied “Yeah, I’m fine.” Daniel is searching for survivors and finds a gun. It’s Tanner’s gun.

It’s out of ammo. Daniel hears something move and drops the gun and looks around. Nothing. He goes back to examining the gun. On doing so he is attacked by a undead dog. Greg hears cries from Daniel and runs to find him. When greg and Marcus do arrive, it’s to late for Daniel. The dog looks behind him and sees Greg and Marcus. It Charges toward them and Greg puts his arm up to protect himself, Marcus ran to find the others. 2 seconds later some one fires at the dog. It falls to the ground and doesn’t get up. Greg looks over, It’s Lexy. Greg thanks Lexy for saving him and Greg shouts “Everyone to that house over there!”. As he says that the helicopter takes off. Marcus shouts “Wait Don’t Go!”. But the helicopter keeps going. They had no choice but to go to the house at that time. Greg, Lexy and Marcus are the only team members to make it in the mansion. Greg says “Okay, I think it’s time to split up again.” Lexy shouts “No! It’s to dangerous!” Greg tells Lexy “Lexy, We’re on a mission to find survivors. Not to just give up now.” Marcus goes left. Greg and Lexy go up stairs. When they go into a room they discover a man eating something. Greg says “Sir, we’re S.P.F.G.V. we need to know if you’ve seen any other people in the house with you.” He doesn’t answer. Greg asks him again. This time he turned around and attacked Greg. Greg kicks him off and then shoots him. Lexy walks over to the body and discovers Edgar Castro of S.P.F.G.V. Alpha, dead. Greg and Lexy go down stairs. And see some one run through a door. Greg runs after the person and finds no one. Greg finds Gracie Neilson, she’s alive and almost shoots Greg but takes a second to see who it is. Gracie says “Greg! You’re alive!” Greg says “Yes, Lexy, Marcus, and I are alive. Are you and anyone else alive?” Gracie hesitated to answer. Then she says “Tanner, Kaleb, Andres and I are the only ones who survived the crash and the attack.” Greg replies “That’s to bad.” A door opens and Tanner steps out he looks up and sees Greg. Tanner Shouts “ Greg!” and runs over to him. A little while later Tristin came running in the mansion. Marcus was there and so was Lexy. Greg and Tanner found a secret underground entrance. Tanner jumped in first and had a look around to see what it was. He discovered an emblem on a wall that was covered in dust. Tanner wiped away the dust and gasped. Greg asked “Tanner, What is it?” Tanner replied “It’s..It’s Umbrella.” Greg and all of S.P.F.G.V knew what umbrella was. It was a company that had a bioweapons and controlled GreenVille. Greg jumped down and Him and Tanner went further down the passage way and discovered 3 test tubes. One had a monster in it called Tyrant. Another had the thing that attacked Greg. The last one was astonishing. It was a dog that had died and had been infected by the T-Virus. Greg looked to his right and saw three of the things that attacked him going for Tanner. Greg fired at them but it didn’t do any good. Tanner and Greg began to run. The things were moving fast. Then they heard glass brake. Heavy footsteps came from the test tube room. The things were knocked out of the way by the thing called “Tyrant”. It came toward Tanner. Greg fired at it but it did not stop it. It hit Greg and made him fly all the way back up to where the other survivors were. Tanner’s gun shots could still be heard. Then a scream and they stopped. Tyrant jumped up to where the survivors were and stood in its tracks staring at the S.P.F.G.V. Members then an alarm went. A Speaker shouted out “ SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. ALL PERSONEL ARE TO EVACUATE” Greg and the other survivors ran from the mansion. Then the Bravo team helicopter landed in the court yard in front of them. They got into the helicopter and flew away as they were escaping Greg looked down to see the mansion, there stood Lexy waving for the helicopter to land Greg shouted to the pilot “We have to save Her!” The pilot said “The self Destruct sequence is activated. There’s nothing we can do.” Then the mansion exploded. Greg witnessed it all. He hung his head in his lap and said “We have to warn the people of Green Ville about Umbrella. If we don’t we might be saying good bye to our city and our friends.” The helicopter flew back to GreenVille and let them off at the Police station. It was over. At least that’s what they think.

Just an old story I wrote, making references to many of the RESIDENT EVILS. All characters in this story are real. The events however are not.

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