If you've got something hated in the game, feel free to post.

1. You are always inside the blast radius of a grenade. No exceptions.

2. You like respawning? Because your gonna die alot without a FAMAS.

3. Use the FAMAS, be the one in a million person to be bad with it.

4. Use the AUG, be the one in a million person to be bad with it too.

5. Like browsing creative emblems? Expect to see AT LEAST 20 emblems of Swastikas, horses fucking something, deer fucking something, sideways-cherrys intended to look like dicks, dicks with smiley faces, dicks with sad faces, tits, ass, outlines of TnA, sperm cells, etc.

6. No military ever thought an RC car rigged with explosives, only the faggets at Treyarch did.

7. The contracts make you seem like jesus. Getting 20 kills with a gun is something alone the lines of "xgunx RAPIST."

8. The game was modded days before release, even after Treyarch said they made a new anti-hack system.

9. 3arc playing in-game to look for modders? Bullshit. They swim in bathtubs of money while they let the biased report system do its job.

10. Everybodys best gun on their Combat Record is the FAMAS, AUG, or AK-74. No exceptions.

11. RC-XDs seem to have a force field around them that deflects bullets & lets them move at light speed.

12. Replace heartbeats with motion sensors? It would have been easier to keep in heartbeats.

13. to add onto ^, I'm suprised 3arc didn't let AUGs and FAMAS'es have heartbeat sensors, cause that would be so balanced in their eyes.

14. Girls think it's cool to say they play Black Cops, but any post-pubescent boy with ANY taste in games knows this game is shit.

15. Everybodys perk set up is Ghost + SoH + Second Chance, no exceptions

16. Halo is more realistic than this game. (And sure as hell more balanced. Thanks Adam for teaching me this.)

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