• Inglebear

    Twitter, anyone?

    February 26, 2010 by Inglebear

    Trying this new "Twitter" thing out, but only to 'tweet' about my gaming during MW2 sessions. Maps, best kills, most embarrasing death, just for the fun of it. If you wanna follow go to and look up inglebearMW2... or is it inglebearCODMW2... one or the other!! so check it out and follow me! I mostly play Hardcore TDM, running with ACR with HBS and 2x RPG's, C4/smoke grenade, and Pro Marathon/Cold Blood/Ninja.

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  • Inglebear

    Upgraded Killstreaks

    February 1, 2010 by Inglebear

    It seems to me and to many of the professional reviewers in the gaming world, that perhaps the one thing that sets the CoD series apart from all others and specifically MW2 is the immense level of customization at ones disposal. Most exciting to me was the expanded list of Killstreak options and the ability to pick and chose which ones to play with. After playing and experimenting with many of the Killstreak choices in MW2, I've found that most if not all of the Killstreak rewards could benefit from that same level of customization that our weapons and perks are privy to. And so, here is the basis of my idea:

    A new perk, perhaps a yellow 3-tiered called "Specialist" or "Tech-Geek", would be added to the list. This special and last yellow pe…

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  • Inglebear

    Everyone loves getting them.  Bragging rights, that is.  Show your friend just how stupid and unaware he is after everyone sees you plant C4 at his feet, or how bad ass you are after sniping someone in the head after they run behind a wall. 

    Tell us your favorite GWKC moments please!! But do remember to be truthful and not make crap up, as it cheapens the dialouge and only proves to yourself that you're worthless at the game and have nothing of value to offer humanity.  Keep it relatively short, remember to include the map, scenario leading up to the GWKC and the KC itself.  Here we go!!

    Mine: The last 10 seconds on Skidrow (Hardcore TDM), our Army Rangers are Losing to Spetsnaz 7200 to 7400.  Im aware there is at least 1 enemy holed up in t…

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