It seems to me and to many of the professional reviewers in the gaming world, that perhaps the one thing that sets the CoD series apart from all others and specifically MW2 is the immense level of customization at ones disposal. Most exciting to me was the expanded list of Killstreak options and the ability to pick and chose which ones to play with. After playing and experimenting with many of the Killstreak choices in MW2, I've found that most if not all of the Killstreak rewards could benefit from that same level of customization that our weapons and perks are privy to. And so, here is the basis of my idea:

A new perk, perhaps a yellow 3-tiered called "Specialist" or "Tech-Geek", would be added to the list. This special and last yellow perk would give no immediate benefits to the player during normal gameplay until that players Killstreak is called in. Once called in, that KS (Sentry-Gun for example) would be upgradeable in much the same way as a primary weapon, with more kills leading up to either 2 or 3 selectable 'upgrades' for the KS

The upgrades would then be attached in the KS menu, after checking the appropriate KS box. For example, take the Sentry-Gun. Especially in Hardcore modes where enemies often use Cold-Blooded, SGs are often useless. However, after 100 successful kills by an SG while wearing the "specialist" perk (note, you MUST wear it to count towards an upgrade), you may then equip your SG with a lvl 1 attachment: Heartbeat Sensor! Although many in Hardcore use Cold blooded, not quite as many use both that AND Ninja. Then after about 50 more SG kills, the next attachment is avaliable: Remote Operations. This removes the HBS, but allows the player to pull out a laptop anytime while the SG is still operational and manually fire the SG, even at targets at a greater distance or wearing Cold Blooded!! However, to eliminate overuse and unfairness easily seen in such a weapon, the laptop has a short battery-life, and once drained the SG reverts back to normal mode.

A second example would be to first give Harriers, Helicopters and C-130's 2 extra counter-measures to evade enemy fire. The second would give the Harriers, Attack Choppers and Pavelow exploding ammunition, with a radius about half that of a grenade, allowing for proximity kills. The third and possibly most devastating upgrade to the Airborn units would be a helmet mounted laser range finder/targeting device attached to the players primary weapon or on their 'helmet'. Much like the targeting laser used on the C-130 Spec Ops mission, the player would press "down" on the D-pad to select the laser, then any targets the Pavelow cannot see due to Cold-Blooded would be illuminated and eliminated!

This may all seem unfair to certain readers, but rest assured, these rewards only come after much hard work. Only 1 upgrade per reward is allowed, and if Choper-Gunner is Upgraded with another nearby reward like Pavelow, only certain other rewards are allowed, such as UAV/UAV jammer and EMP. With such offensive power contained within 2 upgraded hellicopters, a third upgraded offensive (or even the air packages) reward would be too much. Besides, getting a 9 killstreak to obtain a Pavelow may not be easy to some, and to permanantly replace the much praised "yellow" perks with "Specialist" for the soul purpose of getting 250 kills with a Pavelow for that laser Target Illuminator...well, the guy crushing your team with that upgraded Sentry-Gun or Pavelow deserves a pat on the back for all his hard work, not 4-letter names for giving you such a terrible negative Kill/Death ratio!

Well, pick a KS reward and pass me your ideas!! Do you like this idea? Any adjustments/improvements? Or should the whole thing be canned? COMMENT!!!!!  ;p

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