Well.. As the title says. 7 years. In a few months I will have being on Wikia for 7 Years.

I've been editing on Wikia since May 24, 2008. Originally starting on the RuneScape Wiki, Making somewhat embarrassing edits to my user page, Interacting with the users in my somewhat.. Odd way. Eventually I started doing some Mainspace editing and Image work, Just basic stuff to make everything slightly smoother.

Honestly? My Wikia life has been boring. Just editing and eventually checking on Chat and making sure that was chaotic..

There has been one thing I haven't really said within these 7 years however.

Thank you.

Thank you everyone. There is a reason why I still edit and return, Fighting off my anxiety and depression just to look somewhat more positive for people.

It's you guys and girls. The editors. The people whom give this Wiki the info we need, The pictures which we see, The scripts to make everything smoother.

So.. Once again I say.

Thank you. Thank you all so much.

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