If you didn't know, Steam sales are on. Go check it out!

Recent Releases

  • Take on stealth with rolling and driving. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes has been released on PC.
  • Have a bit of insane fun with some insane sports with Sportfriends release on PC, Mac and Linux.
  • With the man with the nose and the man of extreme rage with Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens port to PC and Mac.
  • With a bit of odd customization to your weapons and a bunch of obscene taunts, Loadout makes it's way to PS4.
  • Ever wanted to be a space merchant or maybe even a space bounty hunter? Well now you can with Elite: Dangerous for PC and Mac.
  • Take to the sky with a release from all the way from 2006 with the release of Mircosoft Flight Simulator X for Steam! Released for the PC only.
  • The multiplayer murder mystery browser game has had their Steam release. Town of Salem has been released for PC and Mac.
  • Ever enjoy hunting? How about hunting dinosaurs? Well, Now you can with the release of theHunter: Primal for PC.

DLC Releases

  • Train Simulator 2014 gets another route add on in the cocaine capital of America, Miami!
  • Everquest and Everquest 2 have gotten a few bundle packs.
  • Take on the Winter spirit in Magicka: Wizard Wars with Frosty Holiday pack.
  • Touch fluffy tail with some good music with the Sakura Spirit OST.
  • With an Irish woman and heist of a diamond owned by some of the most cursed people of history, Payday 2 gets Clover and The Diamond.
  • Ever wondered what Urk master hunters are? They are Lords of the Hunt, But now. They're are the hunted with Lords of the Hunt DLC for Shadow of Mordor.
  • Slaughter some of the locals of Elpis in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Holodome Onslaught.

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