Apparently these things are apart of the community news. Well hooray.

Recent Releases

  • We follow a well known treasure hunter taking on the Egyptian deity of death and the afterlife. Laura Croft and the Temple of Osiris has been released on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
  • Take on the legal system with Objections and coffee. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy has been released for the 3DS.
  • PRAISE TALOS... Wait, Wrong game. Still a bit of a puzzle that's quite serious. The Talos Principle has been released for PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Well, It seems that Square does enjoy porting their games over to PC years after the original release. Once again, We get another. Final Fantasy 13-2 has been released on PC.
  • The fighting game which brought us a food obsessed cat girl has had a re-release on PC. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend has been released on PC.
  • Ever wanted to make your enemies into goo? Well, Are you chaotic enough? Chaos Reborn has been released on PC, Mac and Linux.

DLC Releases

  • Bring back the dead just to use them again as your minions with the Lilith the Necromancer character DLC for Gauntlet.
  • Who needs Spiderman when you've got the symbolite Venom! Pinball FX2 gets the Venom pinball Table.
  • It's a song of kings and cows.. Wait, Wrong gnome. However Train Simulator 2014 has had the Game of Gnomes DLC released.

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