For what it is, People think and say that 2014 has been completely lackluster for games. While we've gotten crappy ones like Deus Ex: The Fall and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, We've gotten some quite fantastic ones, Which I'll be going over in my personal best of 2014.

Favourite First Person Shooter


I think most people seen this coming. It's honestly one of the better Call of Duty games I've played in recent times and no; I have no played Destiny, So I cannot judge it with that.
Whilst the weaponry side in a bit lacking on a few things, It's still a really fun game and honestly my FPS games of the year. It's almost beaten out by Wolfenstein: The New Order, However due to the replay-ability of the multiplayer and Exo-Survival, Advance Warfare barely beats it out.

Favourite Role Playing Game


Honestly, When you think South Park, You wouldn't think a RPG would honestly work. But god damn did Obsidian do a good job, Having the somewhat morbid but quirky humour that South Park normally has.
Per regulations on what they can and cannot show, Some of parts are actually censored. However, They give you a single picture with a well detailed description on what is happening.

Favourite Third Person Action game


Even though Platinum games has released quite a few games recently, Even a port. I must give it to one of the most unforgiving games of 2014.
Whilst it's not anything close to the original Dark Souls in boss designs and moments that'll be ingrained forever in someones mind. It does have some better combat options with the edition of Hexes and Power Stancing.

Favourite Platformer


Taking basic the classic style of platforming like a duck with a cane. Shovel Knight honestly has some of the most entertaining NPCs I've talked to in recent times.
With it's NES style of graphics and music, It might turn off some people as with a few of the NPCs whom can get kinda annoying after awhile.

Favourite Horror game


Five Nights at Freddy's series came out of nowhere and took horror on a new spin, Most horror games done by major companies have become a bit more action-y Hi Resident Evil. Where as FNaF takes it back to the simple side. You have power, Manage it. There are enemies out to kill you, You can't kill them. Survive.
Most people think this game is mainly jumpscares, Which it is. All the kill screens are jumpscares, However the true horror of the games comes from the feeling of dread; Not knowing if you'll make it to the next day.

Favourite Rougelike


I was honestly debating whether or not to completely dis-include this due to the fact this is remake, However to the art style change, additional characters, additional bosses, more items, new music and the new seed system. I think it'll be fine.
While the original HUD design is gone and people find this slightly annoying, The simplistic looking design of the HUD honestly something I prefer.

Favourite Soundtrack


Sound the damn trumpets, The remake is here. And honestly, The best part is the updated music. Whilst the upgraded graphics are nice and the extended story is kinda... Eh, Felt a bit shoehorned to me.
The soundtrack brings some of the old songs into the light with amazing remakes of them or even... Bringing one back from Generation 2.

Favourite DLC


Take a game about killing cops then fuse it with a game about killing Russian mobster, You get this DLC. The Hotline Miami DLC for Payday 2 adds in a heist from Gustavo Fring telling you to murder Russian Mobsters whom wear very Hawaiian shirts.
Whilst not the best heist added this year, It's the best DLC heist added and personally my favourite DLC of the year.

Favourite Trailer


The Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dial Tone trailer does what a trailer is supposed to completely, hype the complete shit out of a game. I cannot wait for Wrong Number.
I seriously cannot figure out what I can put here, Just watch the trailer.

Game of the Year


Honestly, It was a close call between Rebirth and Dark Souls 2. However with the release of Scholar of the First Sin being released next year and the amount of time I've put into Rebirth since buying it. Rebirth takes it.

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