As E3 draws to an end, The hype of most of the announced stuff there will not die. To those whom missed the announcements, Here's a quick wrap up of E3!


With their first E3 conference, Bethesda almost won the show with their stuff.

  • Fallout Shelter, A iOS game where YOU are the Overseer. Create and maintain a Vault on the go.
  • Dishonored will be getting a "Definitive" edition for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One
  • Speaking of Dunwall and the Outsider, He returns with a new character and powers in Dishonored 2
  • Tameriel is getting a new look in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tameriel Unlimited
  • Grab your double barrel and get ready to repaint the walls red. Doom is back and more brutal than ever.
  • With the recent announcement of Fallout 4 and the hype generated just from the trailer, Did Bethesda keep the hype train rolling? Yes. Very much so.


Microsoft comes in swinging with a few major title announcements as well.

  • Once more, We set pilgrim to face or fight the darkness. What do you hold true? Dark Souls 3 has risen.
  • 30 years Rare has been developing games. They've create some of the best and a few duds. But hey. Rare Replay allows you to relive 30 of their titles. And yes. Battletoads is one of them.
  • Rev up your Lancers, They're going into action once more with Gears of War 4 and Gears of War Ultimate Edition.
  • The hunt for the 117 is starting. Halo 5: Guardians single player has been shown off.
  • Laura travels to Sibera to prove that she's not completely off her rocker in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Electronic Arts

EA took their sweet time with their conference, However, Showing off a few new titles.


Whilst there was no limbless man showing up, Ubisoft did show off a few new titles.


Sony manages to forget about the Vita again, But provides a few details about some games.

  • Announced during 2009 and then since has been in the dark. The Last Guardian shows up once again.
  • Crota is dead. Killed by the Guardians. Now... The Taken King is coming. Destiny is getting a new expatiation.
  • Murder is art, When preformed by a master. Agent 47 returns in Hitman.
  • "At last. They're coming back".
  • Forklift Sim- I mean Shenmue 3 has been announced for crowd funding via Kickstarter. Not only that, It has hit it's $2,000,000 goal already!
  • Whilst Frank Sinatra coons and the fires light, We hear the story behind Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • While war doesn't change with Fallout, War has changed in Black Ops 3.


Once more, Nintendo did not appear at E3 and rather did another Digital Event.

  • Grab your goggles and strap in as Fox McCloud returns to his pilot chair in Star Fox Zero.. Wait, With Platinum Games!?
  • The second most unexpected crossover game has gotten a trailer.Genei Ibun Roku X FE, Also known as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.
  • Exploration is all about.. Well, Exploring. Xenoblade Chronicles X is about this, Take your Skell and explore the world.
  • The Hero of Time returns once again. And again. And again. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes allows you and two friends to Co-Op in a style similar to The Four Swords.
  • Worlds collide, Heroes meet Heroes, Villains meet Villains. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam sets the worlds of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi RPG into a single game.

Square Enix

Square, Even with a few games already announced during the prior events still comes up with a few titles.

  • Previously, There was a Kingdom Hearts game that was playable in a browser. However, It was Japanese exclusive. Kingdom Hearts X will be getting a port to iOS and Android devices, A English translation and a name change to Kingdom Hearts X Unchained.
  • Ever wanted to drop a fancy car from a airplane while driving said car? Just Cause 3 can allow that.
  • Icarus flew too close to the sun. Jensen is closing in. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will give you a side. Which side will it be?
  • Give a world life, People will want to explore it. Grimore is that of Final Fantasy. World of Final Fantasy allows you that. Or just play with the cute critters. Either is fine.
  • Take a heart away from someone. You get a Heartless and a Nobody. Pick up your keyblade and get ready Kingdom Hearts 3 gets another trailer.


Honestly? This has to be one of the biggest E3's of recent years. So...

Who "won" E3 2015?

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