Do you guys want to know a way to counter MP40 users who use it all the time? Help me to send a message to MP40 noobs saying that using other guns are okay and they should not use it all the time. Using it is okay but not all the time. I am not hypocritical. There are many ways to counter through none MP40 means.

I use an awesome class. It goes like this

Primary Weapon: Type 100 (I recommend Box Magazine or Aperture Sight)

Secondary Weapon: Any (Colt, Tokarev, Nambu is okay)

Primary Grenade: Any grenade

Special Grenade: I recommend Signal Flares

Perk 1: Bandolier (Bomb Squad or Bazooka should be fine if Bandolier is not available)

Perk 2: Juggernaut

Perk 3: Steady Aim or Extreme Conditioning

This is my class used to counter MP40 users who use it all the time

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