I know you guys might think this is a dumb idea, but just hear me out. Using the original zombies storyline of course, I have come up with an idea for a nazi zombes movie or TV series that I think would be pretty cool. I have been thinking of this idea for a while, and I hope you like it. I'm going to tell it in in a wiki kind of way (jsut the basics of the story) so if you want, leave your ideas of what could happen in this story exactly. We go to Breslau. Germany, around 1939, in the Giant facility. (Der Riese). We see Ludvig Maxis, Leader of group 935, trying to tame a zombie that has been able to understand basic commands. However, he is forced to kill the beast after is loses control in a test. This is one of the radios from the map in the game. Meanwhile, a train holidng German Jew
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s, is headed to Auschwitz concentration camp. However, it must stop at a temporary holding area somewhere near Frankfurt Germany. due to a problem with the engines. The captives are taken inside and are contained. One of the captives is a young man by the name of Jacob Kaiser. Though the force of nazism has been corrupted the nation, he will not allow it to corrupt him or his beliefs. He has black hair, brown eyes, a stocky build, and is caucasian. One of the most infamous guards in the area, is an SS soldier by the name of Susan Adler. She has no compassion for the Jewish population. And like Hitler, would like to see them wiped from the world. She has been completley brainwashed by the nazis, being trained from birth that the reichstag's intentions are pure and just. She has a slim build, blonde hair, blue eyes, and is also caucasian. During the stay, the nazis hear a rumor: The americans are planning to send an army into the area to rescue the Jews. They cannot leave because the train is not yet repaired, so they get into defensive positions around the fort, expecting a ground attack. What they recive is an aerial attack. American bombing planes attack the fort until it is reduced to rubble. Jacob is rendered unconcious due to a wall exploding near him. When he awakes, the fort is completley destroyed, with no sign of life. All he sees is a truck outside, and a brown, wooden door with the word "HELP" written in bold, white letters. This fort is the zombie map known to us as Nacht der Untoten. He then feels the cold metal of a gun being pressed against his head. Susan has woken up and noticed one of her captives alive. She tells him that no matter the circumstances, she is still in charge. She is conviced otherwise when the undead start to rise from the grave and attack them. Jacob convinces her that the only way they will survive is if they work togehter to stay alive. They both notice some changes in the area: first, they both are wearing badges with the number "500" on it. This
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number increases if they kill or damage a zombie, or rebuild a window barrier, a
Ray Gun 3rd person view WaW
nd it decreases if they take a gun off the wall or open a door/clear debris. They also discover a mysterious box which can somehow spawn a random weapon for it's opener. Upon trying this box, Susan discovers the Ray Gun. The Ray Gun was developed by Dr.Ludvig Maxis, but was later perfected by Dr. Henry Porter in his creation of the Porter's X2 Ray Gun. This version of the Ray Gun is only available once you pack-a-punch the original Ray Gun, but I will get into that later. As they proceed into the second story of the fort, they find a weapons cabinet. In the cabinet, they find two Kar98k's which are scoped, and a letter that is attatched to a map. The letter says "EDDY IS A LIAR" along with a blood stain that looks similar to a bear's paw on the bottom left corner of the paper. The map shows them how to get from the base to Wittenau Sanatorium (Verruckt). They wait until their current wave is almost over, and they turn the final zombie into a crawler to avoid getting attacked. Using the truck parked outside, They head to Berlin, hoping to find answers in
the asylum. When they arrive, they find four American soldiers who are just as confused as they are. The four are American marines who were sent on a mission to find a man named Peter. Peter was an OSS spy who infiltrated group 935 and discovered some of their secrets. However, he was caught, and then used on as a lab rat by Dr. Edward Richtofen. The names of the four men who Jacob and Susan meet at Wittenau Sanatorium are as follows: John Kelso, Ri

Juggernog perk machine

chard Cook, Albert Whegner, and Mason Lagner. They were sent to Wittenau to find and rescue another soldier named Tank Dempsey. Dempsey was sent to the asylum to rescue Peter, but instead, he was captured by group 935. When the four marines arived to find Dempsey, they found nothing but hordes of the undead. By the time Jacob and Susan arrive at the asylum, the marines have already turned on the power. Obviously, this is where they discover the four perk-a-cola machines. The first is Juggernog. Juggernog increases the strength of the skin, making it as hard as kevlar, reducing damage from bullets...or the undead. This is the most useful perk, as it protects the drinker, and any other perks they wish to buy. It costs 2500 points to buy this perk. Like all perk-a-colas, it has one slight side effect: anyone who drinks it will have an increase in confidence, which can make them unaware of present danger. The second is speed cola. Speed cola increases the amount of friction that can be put on the joints, allowing them to move quicker. Much quicker, cutting reload time in half. This perk is required if you are using an LMG. It costs 3000 points for purchase.This perk's side effect is that the drinker will be more hyperactive than normal. The third perk to be found is quick revive. This perk increases the power of the human body's natural ability to heal wounds. It also acts as a self-antid
Speed Cola BO
ote for being attacked or bit by a zombie. It costs 1500 points to buy, and is considered the second most useful perk. This perk's side effect is that once the drinker is severely damaged, he or she will go into a state of unconciousness, leaving him or herself vulnerable to attack, forcing others to defend him or her. The fourth and final perk to be found at verruckt would be double tap root beer. Double tap root beer is a tricky perk, because of how it works: It allows the drinker to have an increased fire rate with any weapon they use. It is unknown how this perk does this. It is known that it costs exactly 2000 points to buy. It's side effect is that anyone who drinks it will become more aggressive, therefore making it the most useless of the original four perks. Jacob and Susan decide to search the asylum for as many clues as they can as to what is going on. While in the asylum, Susan comes across two nazi documents. First, a letter to Adolf Hitler explaining that group 935 is trying to control the undead
in order to make them their own soldiers. Second, another letter saying that the wunderwaffe DG-2 has easily outpreformed expectations, and wil be seeing mass production as soon as the reichstag provides group 935 with enough funding. It aso says that the Americans have a large amount of element 115 at the 'nevada base'(area 51). After seeing this, she starts to question the nazis: as they are part of the source of where the zombies are coming from. Jacob also finds documents. He finds a book telling about the test subjects used on to perfect the perk-a-cola machines and 'matter transference devices' (teleporters). This book is written by a Dr. Edward Richtofen. The test subjects names are listed as: Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Rodrigo Estevez, and Tank Dempsey. Rodrigo was killed by Richtofen in one of his tests. It does not say if the other test subjects are alive. After finding this, he immediately finds the four marines, and tells them what he found. He also starts to think of the letter saying "Eddy is a liar". As they start to read the book, the zombies begin attacking again. Him and the marines are in the quick r
Zipline Shi No Numa WAW
evive room, while Susan is stuck in the power room. Realising what has happened, she runs into the speed cola room to get to the quick revive. At the same time, Jacob goes to see where she is. On the stairway, she trips and looks up only to see a horde heading right to her direction. Luckily for her, Jacob clears the horde out with a ray gun, saving her life. In this event, she realizes that it matters not what he is. Be it a jew or not, he is a human, and this makes him valulable for survival. They battle the horde in the thompson room, waiting for the round to end. running over to the Juggernog room, Jacob finds another piece of paper. On the back, it says "YOU ARE GETTING CLOSER". On the front, it shows another map, showing the location of a Japaneese hut. knowing what this means, Jacob and Susan head out to their truck, waiting for the marines. After 10 minutes of wating, they do not hear any more screaming, gunshots, or explosions. They only see zombie
Peter McCain Dead
s heading toward them from the asylum. They leave the asylum, heading for the rising sun facility (Shi No Numa). The rising sun facility was one of the major group 935 bases. It was somewhere in japan, and was where the zombies were actually made. This area used to be a well controled scientific facility, but is now nothing but an abandoned hut in the middle of a muddy swamp. When they arrive, there seems to be no one there. They decide to look around for clues. When they investigate upstairs of the main hut, they find a man who seems to have hanged himself. Susan and Jacob both look at the uniform he is wearing, and see the name "Peter McCain." As they both realize that the marines - now dead - were too late to
Wunderwaffe DG-2 WaW
save Peter. They then listen to a radio recording of a message that was sent to Peter, saying that Der Riese must remain intact at all costs, and that the sender is almost out of hope. Then it plays the coordinates to area 51. Susan tells Jacob that she has heard of Der Riese, but only that it was a weapons factory. Nothing more. Suddenly, part of the roof collapses onto the stairs. The gate also closes, as a demonic voice starts laughing hysterically at them. This starts round one. They hold out in the main room for about 5 rounds, then proceed downstairs after moving the debris. after getting new weapons, Susan discovers the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a weapon that fires an arc of lightning at a target, and then connects and kills other targets within a 10-15 feet radius. It can connect to up to 10 targets. It is powered by element 115, which serve as power cells. There are three power cells that can be held on the gun at once, with one burning out per shot, meaning the wunderwaffe can fire 3 shots until reload is needed, and comes with 18 fuel cells. As another round starts, they enter the Doctor's quarters, where they find Juggernog. After fighting most of the zombies and leaving a crawler, Susan investigates the bookcases, and finds more books written by Edward Richtofen. The books talk about how Richtofen experimented on his test subjects, and the blueprints for the Ray Gun, and the Wunderwaffe.

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