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  • Jabba56

    M-4 carbine: Eotech sight, 3X magnifier (flip-scope), Magpul CTR stock, and 20-round mag

    AK-47: Looks like the one from MW2

    Sig P226: Yayyyyyyy

    FAMAS: -_-

    MP5: Welcome back, old friend

    UMP-45: Awesomesauce


    Tell me what you think, or what weapons you are hoping to see!

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  • Jabba56

    I would want to play as the Marines like in COD4. Maybe defending St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC (while using it as a field hospital), or taking back 1 WTC from the Russians. Trying to keep RAMIREZ! from jumping off the Empire State Building...

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  • Jabba56

    M14 opinions...

    December 31, 2010 by Jabba56

    What do you think of the Black Ops M14? There are no wrong answers...

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  • Jabba56

    Weird Campaign glitch

    July 11, 2010 by Jabba56

    So I was playing Wolverines! one day trying to get all the laptops. It was just before the 2 BTRs showed up, when I heard a noise, a SCAR-H firing one round at a time. I looked at the mini-map in the pause menu to see one red dot inside Nate's (in the closet where Raptor was). Anyone else think that's strange?

    Tell me!

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  • Jabba56

    What is this tick?

    May 20, 2010 by Jabba56

    I just grabbed a tick I found on my dog. It didn't get into her skin, but I'm still concerned. For anyone who is an expert on ticks, it was light brown with a white spot on it's back.

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