• Jack "Test" Hart

    Jordan "Mousie" Glendenning is a charactor in the Call of Duty series. He is voiced by Ryan Morris who also voices Ant in Call of Duty: Call of honor. He is not a playable character but fights extremely well along side you. He is in every singale Call of Duty after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The first mission you see him he is along side "Test" leading you through the mission 'Use the trees'. He mistiriously dissapears in 2048 at the beggining of the mission 'Overtake'.

    He was born in 1998.

    He want to Crook Primary school

    He want to King James High school

    He is in the TF141 and the RAF.

    He can not die during a mission no matter how much damage he takes. The only way he will die is if you dhoot him but then the mission will restart. The missiā€¦

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