What would you like to see in the first DLC for Black Ops?

I would want to see a zombie map based on Vorkuta.

"Ascend from darkness" "Unleash the Horde" (With characters like Reznov, Mason, Sergei, and the Russian which questions Reznov if he can trust Mason)

A DLC with the four Zombie maps from World At War.

A new Wager Match. One possible idea is you buy weapons and perks off the wall like Zombies and you go around killing them. It could be first one to get a kill with each weapon.

Another idea is that everyone makes a create-a-class and when you kill them you take their class.

More campaign missions like the helicopter scene in Apocalypse Now and you could take part in the Iranian Embassy Siege. (They could make a timed mission like the pit)

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