• Jaov716

    MW3 Perk Wishlist

    June 22, 2011 by Jaov716

    Here's my MW3 Perk Wishlist:

    Tier 1:

    Scavenger: Resupply ammo and grenades from dead enemies Pro: Start the game with extra ammo

    Bomb Squad: Reduce explosives damage inflicted by 10% Pro: Enemy equipment glows red

    Lightweight: Move faster Pro: Sprint faster and Climb obstacles faster

    Hardline: Reduces kills neede for killstreaks by one Pro: Air support lasts 15 seconds longer

    Choosey One: Switch from semi to fully auto on SMG's and Assault Rifles Pro: Double tap applied to guns with fire rate of 40% or below (That one was kind of corny)

    Tier 2:

    Sleight of Hand: Reload faster Pro: Aim faster

    Bling: Add two attatchments to your primary Pro: Add two attatchments to your secondary and add an extra grenade

    Cold-Blooded: Be unseen by enemy radar Pro: Be u…

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