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    5+ years on the wiki

    February 15, 2016 by Jar teh marksman

    I officially signed up for this wiki 5 years and 23 days ago. Since then, a lot had come from this wiki. Met many great friends, had plenty of wonderful experiences, and learned lots of lessons (whether they were verbal or from mistakes.) I'm not sure how to go deeper into this and word it all right, and my presence here for the last long while has been lacking. Despite all that, I just wanted to say to all the amazing people I've met here;

    Thank you.

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    (This blog is probably 8 months late)

    Advanced Warfare is actually a pretty cool game. It has a lot of unique features and brought a lot to the game with the exo movement + abilities, customisation and challenge rewards. Though like everything, it falls short in certain areas. The one area it falls extremely short though makes it the worst in the series in this particular place. Balance. This game is extremely unbalanced, and not like how people usually define unbalanced CoD games. It's not just that there are a few good weapons, it's that only certain types of guns are even usable if you want to do well. The biggest factors to this are that the game is pandering to a certain part of the community, the variants and even the Pick 13 in gener…

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    To the tune of "A Holly Jolly Christmas" By Burl Ives

    lol, this is probably going to fail :p


    Have a very scary Christmas,

    it's what it sounds to be.

    Instead of snow, there's chocolate rain,

    and there's chaos from land to sea.

    Have a very scary Christmas.

    And when you walk down the street,

    say "Good-bye" to your sanity

    and anyone else you know.

    Ho, Ho!

    The Harmony!

    Gone where you can't see.

    Your princess won't wait for you,

    now say "Hi", to me.

    Have a very scary Christmas,

    I will always be somewhere near.

    Oh, why the Canterlot Terrace

    it just feels like Paris,

    to me.

    You won't have fun this Christmas,

    I'll make it the worst time of year.

    *musical interlude*

    You can't affo…

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    On a youtube video for My Little Pony, Season 2 episode 3, it says "As Seen on Call of Duty wiki". And that is complete trufax. COMPLETE TRUFAX

    So, it doesn't say it anymore, but I can definitely assure you it said "As Seen on the Call of Duty wiki".

    Does this call for a celebration? Because I sure feel like it does. We hit max pony.

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    Hey everypony and everyone else! Welcome to my review. For my first one I'm going to review the Red Dot sight.

    The RDS is a great improvment over the iron sights in most cases. It's been featured in Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. It's also been seen in World at War, except with a black dot, and under a different name, the Aperture Science Sight.

    The Red Dot Sight makes it's first appearance in this oh so marvelous game. It's available on all primaries, save for sniper rifles. It's great for long range encounters, due to it's clearer sight pitch and slightly higher elevation over the iron sights, which allows the player to stay on target better, due to the slight lack of muzzle flash.

    The Red Dot Sight makes its return in Modern…

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