K, this is my 1st blog, so I'm excited. I'll just share some ideas for a possible map pack. KK, here we go.

Multiplayer map 1: Station.

A fairly large map, based off of the Rusalka. It's half the size of one in Campaign, and it has not as much indoorness so Air Support can still have a fighting chance. There are also vents for RC cars.

Teams: Black ops VS Spetznaz

Multiplayer map 2: Runway

It's more or less the runway from the mission Operation 40. There are 3 hangars, and at least one will have an interactive door. It'll have blown up planes and other crap that you can enter for protection from air support. It's a medium sized map.

Teams: OP 40 VS Tropas

Multiplayer map 3: Rebirth (Credit to Braden 0.0 for idea)

Based off of Rebirth labs, it's a small-medium map mostly suited for CQC fighting. Spetznaz spawn in room where Mason killed Steiner, Black ops spawn near 2 helis, indicating how they got there. There are still monkeys here!! :D Since I like interactivness, there should be elevators, similar to "Five". There are special vents, that when you shoot them, Nova Gas comes out that takes 4 hits to kill at full health.

Multiplayer Map 4: Assault

Based off of Crash Site, it has that plane so you can snipe and sail explosives down to seal your opponents fate. Fairly large map, it has bridges to cross and can be destroyed with a couple rockets. It can be devastating sometimes, because besides bridges, the only way to get across the river, is to jump across it from a certain spot. Most suitable for Domination. The sniping spot from the plane is lit up, just so it's easier to counter the sniper. There are also those ruins from campaign, but some lead down underground, which leads to a small room, most likely where a bomb site of B flag will be.

Teams: SOG vs NVA

Zombie Map: (Name TBD)

OMG, this is 1 of my best ideas. It's an Artic mountain, around where Project Nova was. Since it was around the Project Nova stuff, I'm thinking there should be some WW2 era guns. Credit to my friend for helping me with the idea.

Off-Wall weapons: Olympia, M14, MPL, PM63, Stakeout, MP40, STG44, PPSh-41, AK-74u, M16, MP5k, Claymores, Frags, Sickle and Bowie knife. (You can have one or the other, unless I reconsider.)

Mystery box weapons: What it usually has, except for Thundergun. Including the WunderWaffe and Tomahawks! (Special grenade)

Perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, PhD Flopper, Stamin-up. EDIT: I got rid of the new perk, because someone made me think that 5 perks are enough for now. BTW, Speed Cola has been updated so you ADS faster too.

It's a very large map. Instead of Landers and Teleporters, there should be ski lifts.

The power will be on from the start. But instead of monkies or dogs, I have a different idea. After you open the door to the power core, a special round will come where zombies (Albeit much slower, but more powerful.) will go to the power core, explode and slowly freeze the power core. Also, if you get too close to them, they explode, blurring your vision, slowing your movement and has the power of 1 zombie hit. If you get through a round without the power core freezing even a bit, you get Max Ammo and a new "power-up" called Avalanche. Avalanche is basically where the equiptment slot gets a C4 detonator and you choose when to make it explode, causing an avalanche.

To get to the Pack a Punch Machine, you have to use all ski lifts to get to the top of the mountain, then keep using explosives to get rid of a cave in. In the cave, is the PaP machine. Zombies can come down through a hole in the ceiling, and there are some windows in the cave too, to prevent camping.

To make up for the lack of Thundergun, Max ammo and Nuke will be more common.

Comment if you want me to change anything, if you have a name for the perk or map, a weapon for the zombies map, trap ideas, an idea for a map, characters for the zombies map, or just general discussion.

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