• Jddk

    A Demon in it's Wake

    August 4, 2011 by Jddk

    Chapter One

    Sophia sat at her desk typing out a memo for the workers in the secret Group 935. She had her blonde curls pinned up and professional; her blue eyes scanned the keys on her type writer. She was the secretary for Dr. Ludwig Maxis, who had been a scientist at Der Riese for many years. The wall opposite her is a spiral staircase that led to the room below her, Dr. Maxis’ private office. The windows of her office showed the backside of the factory and small corridor from the back. The sky was also visible. It showed the sun setting and the shadows laid across the floor. She heard footsteps climbing the stairs and a German officer appeared with an envelope. She stood and smoothed her red blouse and grey pencil skirt. “Hello Aldrich.”…

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