• JederCoulious

    Your Custom Classes

    February 27, 2010 by JederCoulious

    Hello all! I, JHC, am responsible for creating the page "Multiplayer classes". NOW, you can post your own custom classes on this talk page.

    Rules for posting:

    1. NO spam. (Any of these comments wll be removed.)

    2. NO plagarism. If I find out that you have plagarized a unique source, I shall delete your post and replace it with the original.

    3. NO self-advertising. You may not inspire other people to boost with you, join your clans, or be friends on XBL or PSN. I will simply delete these posts and most likely block you for a certain amount of time.

    4. BE creative. Again, don't get all of your ideas from othr people, and don't rip them off.

    5. BE happy. Just be optimistic, and don't come here to complain about a class not working or whateve…

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